Underground Battery Box for Solar Street Light

Underground Battery Box, UBB series, is specifically designed to solve the problems of waterproof, ventilation, steam discharge which may possibly occur during the working of the batteries in actual project operation.

IP67 Waterproof Rate. The box is seal-treated to solves the waterproof problem.

Temperature Resistant. Designed with grill type stiffener, which can effectively solve the ventilation and cooling problem and also increases the bearing capacity of the box.

Great Durability. The box is made of high-strength material by process of one-time molding, featured with vibration-resistant, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, etc.


Underground Battery Box Technical Data

ModelMatch BatteryInternal SizeExternal SizeWeightBox MaterialIP RatingTube MaterialTube Length
UBB123812V 38Ah-55Ah210×180×180mm267×235×185mm0.71KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB1210012V 65Ah-100Ah355×185×250mm410×250×270mm1.00KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB1212012V 120Ah 420×185×255mm480×250×275mm1.36KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB1220012V 150-200Ah523×250×255mm580×315×255mm2.52KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB1225012V 250Ah550×290×270mm620×360×290mm2.32KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB2410024V 100Ah355×340×255mm400×415×270mm1.74KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB2412024V 120Ah420×370×250mm480×425×268mm2.60KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB2415024V 150Ah485×370×270mm530×430×280mm3.04KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB2420024V 200Ah550×520×255mm620×580×278mm5.20KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB2425024V 250Ah550×550×270mm610×610×310mm5.5KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M
UBB4825048V 200Ah-250Ah815×815×375mm880×880×420mm11.0KGPlastic PPIP67PVC Steel Wire1.0M

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