OPzV Tubular GEL Battery

By combining the newly developed tubular positive plates with fumed gelled electrolyte, Supex created the innovative OPzV range of batteries. The range offers 20 years design life and very high deep cycling capabilities. This range is recommended for telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and other harsh environment applications.

  • Volt: 2V / 12V
  • Capacity: 17Ah – 3000Ah
  • Design lifespan: 20 years @25°C

General Features

Excellent deep discharge recovery capability

Tubular positive plate with prolonged cycle life. Fumed Silica gel electrolyte. Lead Calcium die cast grid with improved corrosion resistance capability. Low self-discharge rate and long shelf life (1 year at 25°C). Excellent deep discharge recovery capability.

Special construction

Positive plate – Tubular Plate with die cast Pb-Sb alloy grid
Negative plate – Balanced Pb-Ca grid for improved recombination efficiency
Separator – leaf shape polymer separator
Electrolyte – Dilute high purity sulphuric acid with fumed Silica gel
Battery container and cover – ABS
Pillar seal – 100% factory tested, proven two layers epoxy resin seal
Relief valve – Complete with integrated flame arrestor

Wide Operation Temp and Superior Life

Wide operating temperature range from -15°C to 60°C. 20 years design life at floating condition @ 25°C.

OPzV Tubular GEL Battery Technical Data

ModelVoltCapacityApprox. WeightDimension (L×W×H×TH)Box MaterialTerminalRecharging PeriodOperating Temp.Design Lifespan
OPzV2-1002V100AH13.4Kg103*206*355*390mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-1502V150AH15.4Kg103*206*355*390mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-2002V200AH17.3Kg103*206*355*390mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-2502V250AH20.7Kg124*206*355*390mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-3002V300AH24.4Kg145*206*355*390mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-3502V350AH27.5Kg124*206*471*506mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-4202V420AH32.5Kg145*206*471*506mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-4902V490AH36.8Kg166*206*471*506mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-5002V500AH37.3Kg166*206*471*506mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-6002V600AH44.2Kg145*206*646*681mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-7702V770AH54.0Kg253*210*470*506mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-8002V800AH60.0Kg191*210*646*681mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-10002V1000AH73.2Kg233*210*646*681mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-12002V1200AH86.9Kg275*210*646*681mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-15002V1500AH107.0Kg275*210*796*831mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-20002V2000AH146.3Kg399*210*772*807mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-25002V2500AH185.0Kg487*212*772*807mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzV2-30002V3000AH216.0Kg576*212*772*807mmABSM86Months15~25°C20 Years

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