Tubular Flooded OPzS Battery Manufacturer in China

Supex is a professional Tubular Flooded OPzS battery manufacturer in China. We can supply 2V OPzS tubular plate flooded battery, and the capacity is from 100Ah to 3000Ah.

  • Over 10 years of OPzS battery manufacturing experience
  • Complaint with IEC60896 & IEC61427
  • 3500 cycles at 50% DOD
  • Up to 20 years design lifetime
  • Safety Wooden Package for Transport
  • 50+ Solar Battery Bank Solution Experience
  • Excellent Performance for your solar battery project
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10 Years

Manufacturing experience

IEC60896 & IEC61427

Complaint with

50+ Solar Projects

Project experience

Supex Tubular Flooded OPzS Battery List

If you’re searching for a reliable OPzS battery factory, Supex is your safest choice. Supex can provide 2V OPzS batteries ranging in capacity from 100Ah to 3000Ah. Let us now look at the OPzS battery datasheet and technology.
ModelVoltCapacityApprox. WeightDimension (L×W×H×TH)Box MaterialTerminalDesign Lifespan
OPzS2-1002V100Ah8.0Kg / 12.0Kg103*206*355*390mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-1502V150Ah8.3Kg / 13.0Kg103*206*355*390mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-2002V200Ah8.5Kg / 13.5Kg103*206*355*390mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-2502V250Ah11.0Kg / 15.5Kg124*206*355*390mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-3002V300Ah13.3Kg / 17.3Kg145*206*355*390mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-3502V350Ah15.8Kg / 20.8Kg124*206*471*506mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-4202V420Ah18.5Kg / 24.5Kg145*206*471*506mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-4902V490Ah21.0Kg / 28.0Kg166*206*471*506mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-5002V500Ah24.5Kg / 32.7Kg166*206*471*506mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-6002V600Ah28.2Kg / 38.0Kg145*206*646*681mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-7702V770Ah34.0Kg / 46.0Kg253*210*470*506mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-8002V800Ah44.0Kg / 60.0Kg191*210*646*681mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-10002V1000Ah52.0Kg / 71.6Kg233*210*646*681mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-12002V1200Ah62.0Kg / 85.8Kg275*210*646*681mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-15002V1500Ah83.8Kg / 113.5Kg275*210*796*831mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-20002V2000Ah110.0Kg / 150.0Kg399*210*772*807mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-25002V2500Ah130.0Kg / 179.6Kg487*212*772*807mmSANM820 Years
OPzS2-30002V3000Ah157.0Kg / 216.7Kg576*212*772*807mmSANM820 Years

China OPzS Battery Manufacturer for Your Solar Battery Project

Supex, as a competent OPzS battery manufacturer, has sophisticated OPzS battery equipment for the manufacturing of high-quality batteries.

Supex takes pride in its large product range, world-class product design, manufacturing methods, technological development, cost structure, and global presence.

Flooded lead-acid batteries from Supex for the solar and renewable energy markets. A well-designed system yields a low-maintenance, dependable energy storage option for essential and unstable settings.

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Outstanding OPzS Battery Performance to Serve Your Project

The Supex OPzS battery is a traditional tubular plate flooded battery which offers a 20-year design life with a cycle life of 3500 cycles at 50% DOD according to IEC60896 and IEC61427. This range is most suited for all standby power applications that require the highest levels of reliability and security.

Unique Performance Against High Temperature

A wide working temperature range of -25°C to 65°C is available

Easy Maintenance & High Reliability

High operational reliability under rough conditions and low maintenance, due to optimized alloy and large electrolyte reserve

3500 Cycles Superior Performance @ 50% DOD

The vented lead-acid batteries consist of positive tubular plates and negative grid plates and, due to their structure, offer an extremely long cycle life. OPzS battery has 3500 life cycles @ 50% DOD.

20 Years Long Service Lifetime

Tubular Flooded OPzS battery provide exceptional float and cycle performance, with up to 20 years design life in renewable solar application and stationary applications.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Robust tubular plates made of a lead antimony alloy that has been designed for superior corrosion resistance. Micro-porous and durable, with low internal resistance and designed for electrical separation of the positive and negative plates.

Quality Guaranteed

Supex OPzS batteries conform to IEC60896 and IEC61427 testing specifications.

Robust Packaging for Shipping

Supex packages the OPzS batteries in a robust hardwood container. When you get these batteries, there is no damage. You are not concerned about project delays since the batteries were damaged in transport.

Supplying Complete Battery Pack Solutions

Supex offers complete battery bank solutions for your solar system or stationary application. It came with a battery rack as well as a battery connection or cable for your battery group.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Here are some common questions and answers. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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  • 01. What is OPzS Battery?

  • 02. Could I use my own logo/label?

  • 03. May I order a small quantity first?

  • 04. What is the delivery time?

    For Supex battery box, the standard material is Plastic PP(Plastic Polypropylene).

    We are using one-time injection pressure technology. So it has great durability and pressure resistance performance.

    The performance of the buried battery box working excellent in customer projects.

    If you need ABS material, we can customize it for you. But the quantity should more than 10000pcs. Please discuss more details with our sales.

  • 05. Can you provide battery connector and battery rack?

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