OPzS Tubular Flooded Battery

The OPzS battery is a traditional tubular plate flooded battery which offers 20 years design life with a cycle life of 1800 cycles at 80% DOD according to IEC60896-11.This range is most suited for all standby power applications that require the highest levels of reliability and security.

  • Volt: 2V
  • Capacity: 100Ah ~ 3000Ah
  • Design lifespan: 20 years @25°C

OPzS Tubular Flooded Battery Technical Data

Positive plate and Separator

It is a tubular plate that can prevent the active material from falling off. The grid of positive plate is Pb-Sb multi-alloy.

With the combined application of porous rubber and porous PVC, the separator has a high porosity and good corrosion-resistance.

Special construction

Positive plate Tubular plate with die cast Pb-Ca alloy grid
Negative plate – Balanced Pb-Ca grid for improved recombination efficiency
Separator – Leaf shape rubber separator
Electrolyte – Dilute high purity sulphuric acid of 1.240 specific gravity
Battery container – SAN
Battery cover – ABS
Pillar seal – 100% factory tested, proven two layers epoxy resin seal
Relief valve – Complete with integrated flame arrestor

Acid-proof bolt

It is of a special shape of funnel having the function of filtering acid smog and retarding flame. It can measure the density and temperature of electrolyte.

OPzS Tubular Flooded Battery Technical Data

ModelVoltCapacityApprox. WeightDimension (L×W×H×TH)Box MaterialTerminalRecharging PeriodOperating Temp.Design Lifespan
OPzS2-1002V100Ah8.0Kg / 12.0Kg103*206*355*390mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-1502V150Ah8.3Kg / 13.0Kg103*206*355*390mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-2002V200Ah8.5Kg / 13.5Kg103*206*355*390mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-2502V250Ah11.0Kg / 15.5Kg124*206*355*390mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-3002V300Ah13.3Kg / 17.3Kg145*206*355*390mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-3502V350Ah15.8Kg / 20.8Kg124*206*471*506mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-4202V420Ah18.5Kg / 24.5Kg145*206*471*506mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-4902V490Ah21.0Kg / 28.0Kg166*206*471*506mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-5002V500Ah24.5Kg / 32.7Kg166*206*471*506mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-6002V600Ah28.2Kg / 38.0Kg145*206*646*681mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-7702V770Ah34.0Kg / 46.0Kg253*210*470*506mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-8002V800Ah44.0Kg / 60.0Kg191*210*646*681mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-10002V1000Ah52.0Kg / 71.6Kg233*210*646*681mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-12002V1200Ah62.0Kg / 85.8Kg275*210*646*681mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-15002V1500Ah83.8Kg / 113.5Kg275*210*796*831mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-20002V2000Ah110.0Kg / 150.0Kg399*210*772*807mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-25002V2500Ah130.0Kg / 179.6Kg487*212*772*807mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years
OPzS2-30002V3000Ah157.0Kg / 216.7Kg576*212*772*807mmSANM86Months15~25°C20 Years

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