General Purpose AGM Battery Manufacturer in China

AGM battery has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge and general purpose application, such as for security alarm system, UPS system, emergency light systems, electronic scale as well as solar power system.

General Purpose AGM Battery was defined as SP series battery ( SP is the abbreviation of Supex Power ). Certainly, SP series battery was designed by AGM ( Absorbed Glass Mat )

  • Volt: 2V / 6V / 12V
  • Capacity: 0.8Ah-3000Ah
  • Design lifespan: 8 years in floating charge @25°C
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Supex AGM Battery List

ModelVoltCapacityApprox. WeightDimension (L×W×H×TH)Box MaterialTerminalRecharging PeriodOperating Temp.Design Lifespan
SP2-1002V100AH5.8Kg171*71*207*227mmABST73 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-1502V150AH8.3Kg172*102*207*227mmABST73 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-2002V200AH13Kg172*111*329*356mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-2502V250AH15Kg172*111*329*356mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-3002V300AH18Kg171*151*330*366mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-4002V400AH25.5Kg210*176*329*366mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-5002V500AH28.5Kg241*172*331*366mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-6002V600AH36Kg301*175*331*366mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-8002V800AH50.5Kg410*175*330*365mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-10002V1000AH61Kg475*175*330*356mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-12002V1200AH68Kg475*175*330*356mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-15002V1500AH96Kg401*351*342*369mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-20002V2000AH124Kg491*351*343*369mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-25002V2500AH185Kg487*212*772*807ABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP2-30002V3000AH190Kg710*352*342*369mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-0.812V0.8Ah340g96*25*60*60mmABSCustom3 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-1.312V1.3Ah570g97*43*51*56mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-2.212V2.2Ah900g178*35*60*66mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-2.612V2.6Ah780g70*47*98*103mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-2.812V2.8Ah880g70*47*98*103mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-312V3Ah1.2Kg134*67*61*67mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-412V4Ah1.32Kg90*70*101*106mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-4.512V4.5Ah1.45Kg90*70*101*106mmABST23 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-712V7Ah2.15Kg151*65*94*99mmABST2/T13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-1212V12Ah3.15Kg151*98*94*99mmABST2/T13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-1712V17Ah5.2Kg181*76*166*166mmABST3/T123 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-2012V20Ah5.48Kg181*76*166*166mmABST3/T123 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-2412V24Ah7.7Kg175*165*125*125mmABST3/T123 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-2412V24Ah8Kg165*125*175*175mmABST3/T123 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-3312V33Ah10.2Kg195*130*154*181mmABST5/T6/T123 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-3812V38Ah12.2Kg196*165*175*182mmABST5/T6/T123 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-4012V40Ah12.5Kg196*165*175*182mmABST63 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-5012V50Ah17.2Kg330*172*166*178mmABST63 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-5512V55Ah18.3Kg348*168*178*178mmABST63 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-6012V60Ah19Kg348*168*178*178mmABST63 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-6512V65Ah20.5Kg348*168*178*178mmABST63 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-7012V70Ah21.5Kg260*168*210*227mmABST63 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-10012V100Ah29.3Kg329*172*214*243mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-12012V120Ah34Kg406*174*207*232mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-13512V135Ah39.5Kg345×172×274×280mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-15012V150Ah41.5Kg483*170*240*240mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-20012V200Ah59.5Kg522*240*219*244mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP12-25012V250Ah73.5Kg520*269*220*249mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-1.36V1.3AH300g97*24*52*56mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-2.86V2.8AH550g66*33*101*105mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-3.26V3.2AH650g134*34*60*66mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-46V4AH670g70*47*101*105mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-4.56V4.5AH710g70*47*101*105mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-56V5AH750g70*47*101*105mmABST13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-76V7AH1.15Kg150*34*94*99mmABST2/T13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-106V10AH1.55Kg151*50*94*99mmABST2/T13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-126V12AH1.653Kg151*50*94*99mmABST2/T13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-146V14AH2.25Kg108*71*140*140mmABST2/T13 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-206V20AH3.15Kg157*83*125*130mmABST3/T123 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-366V36AH5.5Kg162*88*164*170mmABST3/T123 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-1006V100AH15Kg194*170*205*210mmABST63 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-1506V150AH23.5Kg260*180*245*250mmABST73 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-1806V180AH36.5Kg260*182*295*298mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-1906V190AH28.5Kg243*187*253*276mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-2006V200AH30.5Kg321*176*226*229mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years
SP6-2206V220AH32Kg243*187*253*276mmABST113 Months15~25°C8 Years

Your Reliable Battery Equalizer Manufacturer in China

Supex is your finest option if you’re seeking for a reliable battery equalizer supplier. We can make a variety of battery balancer for your lead acid battery, LiFePO4 battery, lithium battery, and other sorts of batteries.

As a professional equalizer manufacturer, Supex has advanced equipment to manufacture high-quality battery balancer.

You can find one-stop solution from Supex. We also can provide you with all kinds of lead acid battery, solar battery, lifepo4 battery, and lithium battery etc.

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Key Features

Maintenance-free peration and non-leakage

AGM battery has a special sealed and valve regulated the construction, which constructed differently than the traditional flooded battery. So there is no need to inject distilled water or any other liquid during the whole service life of the batteries.

All the acid inside the battery is suspended in a formulated non-woven glass mat separator and it is absorbed in the manner. This construction ensures leakproof during normal operation.

Low self-discharge, long shelf life, wide operation temperature Range

High purity raw material ensure low self-discharge rate. High-quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit.

A wide range of temperature operating range is suitable for different areas. TP series batteries can be used in a wide temperature range from -15°C to 50°C.

Copper Terminals and ABS container making battery better

Silver-coated copper terminals (T1, T2 terminal), brass insert terminals and lead terminals improve the electric conductivity. ABS material increase the strength of battery container.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Here are some common questions and answers. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Ask Questions
  • 01. What is a Battery Equalizer?

    Battery Equalizer, also called battery balancer, is a specialized electronic device to keep the same volt level of battery bank during charging and discharging.

    Batteries aren’t all made equal. When many batteries are united to form a battery bank, minor variances between them might produce issues that significantly reduce the battery bank’s lifetime. By actively correcting the imbalance, the battery balancer prevents this.

    Please see the video below for actual use.

  • 02. How does Battery Balancer Work?

    When two or more in-series connected batteries are in charging/discharging/free status. The battery volt maybe becomes different.

    One battery volt is high and one is low. The battery equalizer will balance the battery volt when it detects there are different between two batteries.

    It will transfer energy from higher volt battery to the lower volt battery. Until their battery volt almost becomes the same.

    This will improve the battery’s performance and extend the battery’s lifetime.

  • 03. Why do Battery Banks need Equalization?

    When batteries are connected in series, their starting charge should be the same. Small variances will be ironed out through absorption or equalization charging, but substantial differences will result in damage owing to excessive gassing (induced by overcharging) and sulfating (caused by undercharging) of the batteries with the higher initial state of charge.

    Due to sulfation and drying out, an imbalance between batteries reduces battery life. The battery balancer balances the charge levels of two batteries that are connected in series.

  • 04. Can I equalizing AGM / GEL / LiFePO4 / Car batteries?

    Yes, our battery balancer can working for all kinds of lead acid battery and lithium battery.

    It included AGM battery, GEL battery, Flooded battery, solar battery, lithium battery, lifepo4 battery, Nickel-Cadmium [NiCD], NiMH Battery, Car Battery, Forklift battery etc.

  • 05. What’s the benefits of Battery Equalizer?

    Supex battery equalizer is a magic box for your battery bank. More benefits, please check the below.

    Supex Battery Equalizer can save much money for you

    Through improve battery performance and extend the battery lifespan, it will shorten the frequency of purchases.

    Supex battery balancer are using active balance technology. All battery energy can be released. You can get more power for your electrical appliances.

    Don’t you think it saves a lot of money for you?

    Extend Your Battery Bank Lifespan

    Without battery equalizer, your battery pack just has a small difference at first.

    Later, the small gap between batteries gets bigger and bigger. Finally, all battery strings ran out earlier than expected time.

    But after installing this device, there is no gap between your lovers. It can be working for a longer time than expected.

    Avoid Your Battery Bank Be Damaged

    The differences will result in your battery damage.


    Because the higher volt battery will excessive gassing caused by overcharging. The lower volt battery will sulphation caused by undercharging.

    But Supex battery balancer born to solve this problem. It equalizes the state of charge of connected batteries to avoid damage.

    Small Size for Any Application Need

    Our balancer size is so small.  So you can install it on limited space. Such as battery cabinet.

    If you want to use it in your boat, it is totally ok. The balancer has dust & water sealed, suitable for harsh environments.

  • 06. How to Choose Suitable Battery Balancer?

    For Supex Battery Equalizer Products series, also named BE Series, it can working for 24V battery bank to 96V battery group.

    BE24 Battery Equalizer 24V for 2pcs×12V batteries connected in series

    If you are using 24V battery group, 2pcs 12V battery connected in series, battery equalizer 24V is the best solution.

    Also it can working for 2S2P solar battery group, which 2pcs batteries connected in series and then connected in parallel as below.

    BE48 Battery Equalizer 48V for 4pcs×2.4V/3.6V/6V/9V/12V batteries connected in series

    Battery Equalizer 48V is designed for 4S battery group, which is 4pcs batteries connected in series.

    This is model is different from 24V battery balancer. It’s detects voltage from 2.4V to 12V.

    So it can working for many types of batteries, typically lead acid battery, lithium battery, etc.

    Battery Equalizer 60V / 72V / 96V for 5pcs/6pcs/8pcs×2.4V/3.6V/6V/9V/12V batteries connected in series

    If you have 5pcs / 6pcs / 8pcs batteries connected in series, you can choose BE60, BE72, BE96 battery balancer.

  • 07. Can you customize the terminal and cable length?

    Yes, the standard terminal is M8 ring terminal.

    You also can customize it according to your device plug.

  • 08. Can I buy samples to testing quality?

    Yes, no problem. But if you buy it for personal project,I advise buy it for online shop. Because we are factory and supply cargoes for company.

  • 09. Can I install it on a battery pack that is in use?

    Yes, it is suitable for New Pack, also Battery Bank in Using

    It’s no doubt the equalizer can be installed on a new battery bank. But not everyone will plan ahead. If you are getting in trouble now, the battery balancer can help you.

    For 24V battery equalizer, the max optimizing current is 5A. For 48V battery equalizer, the max optimizing current is 10A. The higher the current, the greater the difference that the equalizer can optimize.

    So whatever new or old, our battery equalizers will make them working better.

  • 10. Does your battery balancer use active or passive equalization?

    Supex equalizer uses an active balance technique, rather than a passive balance.

    Active balance redistributes charge between batteries during the charge and discharge cycles.

    So no energy waste when energy transfer. For more information, please click the below video.

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