UBB48250 Underground Battery Box for 48V250Ah Battery Bank

The Supex UBB48250 Underground Battery Box is designed to load 4pcs 12V 250Ah Battery. Our buried battery box has already passed IP67 certificate for your solar street light project. It’s been utilized in over a hundred projects.

  • Model: UBB48250
  • Match Battery: 48V250Ah [4×250Ah]
  • Inner Size: 815×815×375mm
  • Outer Size: 880×880×420mm
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Product Detail


The Supex UBB48250 underground battery box is part of our UBB series, which is specifically intended for buried battery projects like Solar Street Light. Our watertight underground battery box performs admirably.

High-Quality Plastic Polypropylene Material
The watertight battery box is made with one-time injection pressure technology. The material is high-quality plastic polypropylene. Its unique design will make the battery box stronger and more durable.

IP67 Waterproof Rate Certificate Approved
The underground solar battery box is seal-treated to prevent the leakage. It has passed the IP67 waterproof rating.

Temperature Resistant to the Extremes
The box is designed with a grill type stiffener, which efficiently solves the ventilation and cooling issues while simultaneously increasing the box’s bearing capacity. We have a number of initiatives in the Middle East. It performs admirably.

Great Pressure Resistance & Durability
The box is made of high-strength material and includes qualities such as vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and so on. It is made using a one-time molding method. Specially designed fence stiffener made of high-quality materials. The fenced-style bars reinforce the subterranean cage. It improves the underground battery box’s durability.


Technical Data

Item Parameter
Product Underground Battery Box
Model UBB48250
Match Battery 4pcs×12V 250Ah
Inter Size 815×815×375mm
Outer Size 880×880×420mm
Box Material Plastic PP
Color Black
Ring Screw Stainless Steel
Pipe Material PVC steel wire tube
Pipe Length 1.0M ( Custom Length Availiable )
Waterproof Rate IP67
Accessories Gaskets included
Screw set
Reinforced cable sheath(Pipe)
Silicon Rubber Sealing Gasket
Installation Buried under the ground directly
Design Lifespan 20 years
Lead Time 3-10 days


Industry Applications

The main industry in terms of applicability is solar street lighting, as well as any project that requires a buried battery.


Package & Delivery

To ensure that the Underground Battery Box arrives in good condition, we use strong packing.

Supex directly put the UBB48250 underground battery box on pallet with bear bar. There is no carton box package due to the large size.

Package Pallet with Bear Bar without Carton Box
Lead Time 3-10 Days



Underground Battery Box IP67 Certificate



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